Our Team

All our associates are experienced in working with different cultural contexts and sectors, as well as on a variety of responsible enterprise or societal challenges. We each have particular crafts that we maintain excellence in, to provide for our clients, in addition to specialist knowledge in responsible enterprise. All our associates are involved in responsible enterprise because of a passion to transform economic life to make it more affirming of life as a whole.

We are located in Geneva, London, Madrid, Manila, Rotterdam, Singapore, Toronto and Washington. Between us we speak 8 languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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Dr Jem Bendell. With 14 years experience in responsible enterprise research, strategy advisory, education, communications and entrepreneurship, working with UN agencies, international NGOs and business. Particular strengths in the fields of sustainable luxury,  thought leadership on responsible enterprise, and cross-sectoral relations. Particular crafts of research, writing, educating, public speaking and strategy advisory. Geneva and Singapore based.

Senior Associates

Niaz Alam. With 20 years experience in responsible enterprise and finance, previously deputy director of the Ethical Trading Initiative, and head of research at the ethical investment analysts EIRIS. Particular strengths in the fields of supply chain labour issues and the responsible investment sector. Particular crafts are research design, training design and board-level advisory. London based.

Jonathan Cohen. With 15 years experience in responsible business and sustainability with NGOs, businesses, government, and international agencies, previously with AccountAbility, where he managed the launch of the first global standard to verify CSR reports. Particular strengths in the fields of internal CSR programme development and performance reporting. Particular crafts in network management and writing for different sectors. Washington, D.C. based.

Christopher Cordey. With more than 20 years experience in the luxury and beauty sector with leading multinational companies (Movado, Richemont, Clarins) as well as in small sized businesses. Particular strengths in marketing, communication, business development, and operations. Particular crafts in complex multi-national project management, involving cross-cultural exchange across Europe and Asia. Geneva based.

Andreas Follér (from January). With more than 10 years advising corporate sustainability and responsibility strategies, previously with Volvo, and the Enact consultancy. Particular strengths in business responses to climate change, including both design-innovation and policy-advocacy partnerships for low-carbon value chains. Particular crafts in facilitating change processes within organisations or teams to achieve more responsible and sustainable cultures and practices. Stockholm based.- decide which pages need a blog listed and what category

Cheryl Hicks (from January). With 12 years of business experience spanning the consumer goods, advertising, finance, chemicals, new technologies, NGO and public sectors with 7 years working at the intersection of business and sustainable development. Previously working with WBCSD company members on sustainable consumption, sustainable investing and the business role in society. Particular strength in the fields of sustainable consumption trends and invesment in sustainable enterprises. Particular craft in workshop production and future scenario interpretation. Geneva based.

Emma Irwin. With 15 years experience in sustainable development programmes, previously working with strategy consulting firms on corporate responsibility. Particular strengths in the fields of responsible mining, responsible business programme development, and stakeholder engagement. Particular crafts in stakeholder engagement and languages. London based.

Anthony Kleanthous. A sustainable marketing and communications specialist with over 14 years experience including posts with Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB Needham, and PayPal. Anthony is a Senior Policy Adviser at WWF-UK, member of the Steering Committee of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Sustainable Marketing programme and is a judge in the Green Awards, 2009. Particular strengths in sustainability marketing and advertising. Particular crafts in public speaking and high-level advisory. London based.

Jonathan Leighton. With 10 years’ experience in research and marketing, previously a communications consultant and writer with Geneva’s largest communications and PR agency focusing. Particular strengths in the fields of global health, humanitarian issues and science. Particular crafts in writing, training and developing effective communications. Geneva based.

David Murphy. With 25 years experience in research, education and training in sustainable development, previously with the UN System Staff College and the Director of Anita Roddick’s New Academy of Business. Particular strengths in the fields of cross-sector partnerships and African development. Particular crafts in education and training for strategic partnerships. Bristol based.

Lala Rimando. With 7 years experience in research, writing and training on responsible enterprise and finance. Previously an investment banker in East Asia, then an award-winning anti-corruption journalist. Particular strengths in the fields of East Asian CSR, governance, anti-corruption and media. Particular crafts in rapid investigations, web writing, editing, and East Asian communications advisory. Manila based.


Ian Doyle. With 5 years experience in business process optimisation and project management, previously with insurance and pension funds. Particular strengths in project management, financial planning and the inter-faith dimensions of responsible enterprise and finance. A particular craft in responsible enterprise project management. Grenoble based.

Anne Ellersiek. With 5 years experience in analysis of sustainable development partnerships and networks. Particular strength in the field of partnerships for natural resource governance. Particular crafts in quantitative and qualitative methods of network analysis and social change analysis. Rotterdam based.

Matthew Slater. With 10 years experience in information systems design for social causes, previously for humanitarian emergencies. Particular strengths in social applications of digital technologies. Particular crafts in online information system design with open source software, and applications for complementary currencies and local-community collaboration. Auroville (India) based.

Hanniah Tariq (from December). With 3 years experience in cross-sectoral partnering for social development, previously with the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum (now IBLF). Particular strengths in the fields of gender, human rights, and Islamic culture, as they relate to business and investment. Particular crafts in cross-sector partnership brokering, and CSR programme evaluation. London based.

Claire Veuthey. With 3 years experience in analysing corporate responsibility. Particular strengths in the fields of environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis of companies for investors, and in international conflict resolution assistance. Particular crafts in ESG analysis. Toronto based.


Maria Eugenia Giron. With 20 years experience in international luxury brand development and direction, previously senior executive with Loewe and CEO of Carrera Y Carrera. Board member of Oceana. Particular strengths in the field of luxury brand management and investments. Particular crafts in brand development and high-level strategy and communications. Madrid based.

Lifeworth also has informal agreements to involve staff from the following organisations in our work:

  • The Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP) is an association of independent consultants who collaborate on projects to promote sharing, contribution and learning in all aspects of sustainability between corporations, academia, government agencies and individuals. Lifeworth’s Director is a former Director of ASP.
  • Forum for the Future is a charity working in partnership with leading businesses, cities and public sector bodies who are committed to transforming themselves to promote sustainable development.
  • iScale is a network of organizations and people that develops, promotes, applies, and shares innovations for scaling impact in addressing complex and persistent problems that cross  geographical, sectoral, and functional divides.
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a CEO-led, global association of some 200 companies dealing exclusively with business and sustainable development, drawn from more than 35 countries and 20 major industrial sectors.
  • The Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) is a non-profit organisation, focused upon poverty reduction, education, the environment, in relation to fashion industry.
  • The Authentic Luxury Network (ALN) is a network of designers, executives and experts in the luxury industry seeking to promote social and environmental excellence in high-end brands.