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Jem Bendell

Founder/Director, Dr. Jem Bendell

“We improve the social and environmental effectiveness of people and organisations. Key to real progress is relating changes at individual, organisational, sectoral and societal levels. At Lifeworth we do that by enabling and motivating professionals to improve in concert with changes in their operating environment and society. Whether you work in the non-profit, business or public sectors, we have knowledge, processes, and networks to help, having worked in each sector ourselves. So we take a network approach to improving organisations, sectors, policies and societies; and as a network of independents, our low overheads and flexibility mean we offer cost-effective teams tailored to the specific needs of a project. Consequently we only work with people seeking social innovations for transformative change, who benefit from our assets and approach.”


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Past Achievements

Our founder has a 14-year track record of social innovation, including:

  • Developing the original concept for the Marine Stewardship Council, for WWF International.
  • Advising and helping implement a strategic realignment of a major Australian business school with 13000 students and 300 faculty to become a sustainability leader, and establish an Asia Pacific centre of excellence.
  • Developing one of the first multi-enterprise supply chain eco-audit systems.
  • Through the first book on strategic cross-sector partnering, inspired the then head of the UN Secretary General’s office to launch what became the largest corporate responsibility initiative in the world.
  • Conceiving, researching and writing the first substantive analysis of the social and environmental performance of the luxury industry, which appeared in over 50 newspapers worldwide and helped inspire a strategic shift in many brands.
  • Developing a responsible enterprise strategy for a famous high-jewelry company.
  • Developing a strategy, policy and guidelines for private sector engagement by a UN agency.
  • Establishing the first responsible enterprise jobs portal in 2001, which is now the largest such portal (www.lifeworth.com)
  • Providing informal confidential advice to innovators, helping them create some key initiatives in the contemporary responsible business/finance and sustainable development fields.