Dr Jem Bendell Adjunct Associate Professor, Griffith Business School, Australia Lala Rimando Business Editor, Newsbreak magazine, The Philippines Ms Claire Veuthey Research Associate, Lifeworth Consulting, Switzerland Eliot Spitzer: was timing of scandal ‘too convenient’? Those seeking more leadership from government and judiciary on promoting... Read more

Olympian graft

As well as the year that China first hosts the Olympics, 2008 marked the 30th anniversary of the beginning of that country’s programme of economic reform. The major social and economic changes that have occurred in those 30 years mean that corruption has become a major problem in Chinese society, as temptations have grown and social traditions declined.... Read more

Foreign direct corruption

As corruption at home is tackled, attention has turned to the role of Chinese businesses in corruption scandals around the world. In February 2008, the Philippines media and legislators were desperately trying to find one relatively unknown forestry official named Rodolfo Lozada. He was supposed to give a tell-all testimony in a senate investigation... Read more

Targeting change

In previous years a comprehensive corporate responsibility strategy has typically involved a commitment to continuous improvement, to being near the best in class, and engaging stakeholders. In February 2008, the latest analysis of trends in corporate responsibility from Lifeworth argued this consensus was shifting, as the scale and urgency of social... Read more

Drinking problem

Ken Livingstone, former London Mayor: behind the ‘London on Tap’ initiativeIn February 2008, London Mayor Ken Livingstone launched London On Tap, a campaign encouraging consumers to ask for tap water in restaurants and pubs for environmental reasons. Jenny Jones, Green Party member for the London Assembly, called the bottled water market ‘one... Read more