The challenges of development are inescapable across most of Asia. Concerns with the effective rule of law, given levels of corruption in the public sector, and with basic material needs, given levels of poverty and an absence of comprehensive state welfare provision, and with consumer health, given toxicity sometimes found in food, beverages and water... Read more


Anwar Ibrahim suggests that a key difference between East and West is the general level of religiosity in the former.66 This may be an over generalisation, given the level of religiosity in the US, and the major changes in Asian urban cultures today. Within ‘religiosity’ are the quite distinct phenomena of an emphasis on tradition, spiritual... Read more


Most Asian firms we have experience of are not explicit with a vision for the way their company will do business around the world, let alone a vision for how any business should be conducted anywhere in the world, or to work for that global objective. Often nationalism is a key motivator for greater contributions to society from leading companies in... Read more

Democratising Responsible Enterprise in Asia and the World

Many of these characteristics are not unique to Asia, but are found in Latin America and Africa. They are characteristics of a ‘Southern’ form responsible enterprise. Discussing differences between East and West has always been popular and current shifts in power make it more so – something we play on with the theme of this Annual Review.... Read more

Conclusion: A Global Satyagraha

The night has ended, Put out the light of the lamp of thine own narrow corner smudged with smoke, The great morning which is for all appears in the east, Let its light reveal us to each other who walk on the same path of pilgrimage.80 Rabindranath Tagore wrote his poetry at a time of heightened creativity due to new exchanges between East and West,... Read more

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