The Eastern Turn in Responsible Enterprise

The rise of Asian business and finance was hastened by the dramatic economic events of 2008. Although expanding economic power generates difficult social and environmental challenges, the world needs Asian business and society to innovate technologies, processes and concepts that will help us meet the critical challenges of our time, such as climate change and poverty eradication. The initial implications of this global shift, and some characteristics of Asian forms of responsible enterprise and finance are reviewed in this years edition of Lifeworth's annual review.

The Eastern Turn is described in terms of the shifting locus of responsible enterprise challenges and the origin of responsible enterprise ideas and initiatives, that arise due to the growing power of the Middle East and Asia.

The review notes how, until now, most research, practice, and education on matters of corporate responsibility has been dominated by “the West”. Transnational Corporations (TNCs), Nongovernmental Organisations, (NGOs), consulting firms and academic institutions from Europe and North America have led the agenda, amidst strong domestic drivers for voluntary corporate responses to societal issues, including consumer awareness, independent media, active civil society and an ambivalence towards government intervention. This review provides ample evidence of how that situation is changing rapidly and discusses some of the implications for business people, policy makers and reseachers around the world.

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A book reviewing the global corporate responsibility movement and written by the lead author of The Eastern Turn, is available from Greenleaf Publishing.